Fly, little ones

Bangalore is dreamy in September. Cool, crisp and a hint of rain. On a lazy Sunday morning, as I started to drink my coffee, my neighbor walked in. Excitement evident on her face, she said “Come quick. Bring your camera”. I am known as the ‘bugs and birds’ guy in the neighborhood. I knew something was afoot. A pair of ashy prinias had built a nest in her balcony garden. The chicks had hatched a couple of days ago and were growing rapidly.

As soon as I reached the balcony, I saw what had made her so excited. Two chicks from the nest had experimented flying. One was by the side of the balcony and the other had ventured inside. We coaxed the tiny one inside to fly towards the nest. The parents were looking for the chicks to help them start flying that day. It was interesting to note that they used food to get these little ones to flap their wings.

Here is a story in photographs of how they eventually left the nest and flew away; breaking all our hearts.